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A Summer Trend We Love!

earrings off the shoulder statement top trend

A Summer Trend We Love!

One trend we are loving for summer is the combination of off-the-shoulder tops with statement earrings. It's nice to get a little sun on your shoulders on a warm day, and it can be tricky to wear necklaces with the different levels of the top. Instead of wearing a necklace to top off your look, swap for some statement earrings!

Our off-the-shoulder tops are a unique look for summer, you can throw on a pair of jeans, shorts, or colored chinos. Wear your hair down in beachy waves, up in a top knot, or somewhere in-between. Add your statement earrings and you are set!

       Purple Gingham Off the Shoulder Top     Pink Ombre Tassel Earrings
              $40                                                                 $20

Blue & White Print Off the Shoulder Top    Crimson & Cream Tassel Earrings
           $40                                                                      $20

Here are some other options (click to view) we like for off-the-shoulder tops and statement earrings:

                     Old Navy                                                  Bauble Bar

                  Nordstrom                                              Nordstrom

                   Target                                                 Bauble Bar

If you need a bit of inspiration, feel free to browse Polished Prairie Boutique on Pinterest!

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